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President - Rick Woleslagle

I’ve been a member of CPMCC since Nov 1990. I’ve been building car models since the early 70’s. I can remember playing with (destroying?) my father’s car models he built when he was a kid and when we built an Army jeep together I was hooked. I remembered my Dad telling me, I would grow out of building models one day.

Well I’m 48 now and still building, it was the only thing my parents were ever wrong about! I graduated high school in 1982, then joined the Army in 1983 to 1989, had a ten year break in service, then joined the PA National Guard. I was deployed to Hurricane Katrina and then to Iraq in 2008. On the civilian side I was a technician for Chevrolet for 15 years and worked for BAE SYSTEMS for the last 8 years, testing Bradley Tank electrical systems. On the family side, I’m married to Christine Woleslagle, I have a son Michael, daughter Nicole and a step son Tanner. Oh yeah and two 100 lb boxers that think their lap dogs.

Back to the hobby, my favorite things to build are street rods and pickups. I’ve been collecting models all my life, there’s no way I could ever build what I have yet I still buy more when I can. Last I would like to say, I love this club and everyone that’s in it, I consider all of you family and I love you all!

Treasurer - Tony Shanko

My name is Tony Shanko, and I have been a member of the CPMCC since March 1986. I picked up a club application at Mel’s Hobbies in York City in February 1986. I have served as the club’s Treasurer since 1986, and have been President twice, Membership Coordinator, Secretary, Newsletter Publisher & Editor, & Special Events (picnic, Christmas party & annual dinner) Coordinator.

I was born in Trenton, New Jersey but lived in Florida, Maryland and Rhode Island since my Dad was in the US Navy for a total of thirty-three years. The family settled in Trenton in 1955, where I attended grade and high schools. I earned degrees in engineering from two schools located in Pennsylvania and New York, and have worked in the aerospace and refrigeration & air conditioning industries. I’ve been employed for twenty-seven years by York International Corporation, York, PA. My present position is a Principal Engineer of Large Tonnage Water Chiller Systems.

I’ve been married to my wife, Diana, for thirty-two years this October, and have three children – Chris, Amy and Adam, and six month old grandson – Ryan Christopher.

I’ve been modeling and collecting various things (models+50, die case+100, coins+100, stamps+100, tools+50, books+600, etc.) for forty-five years. I can’t remember either the model or manufacturer of my first model kit. No matter what is was, I built it within hours of purchasing it. My main interest is building stock sports and classic car models. I haven’t been actively building models for the last several years due to work and family obligations, even though I have three projects started.

Model building has always been special to me, and became more special after I joined the CPMCC. To be in the company of other model builders is something. Wow! The members of the CPMCC are more than eager to help answer any question, or advise locations of needed models, parts, etc. We all learn by asking questions, by doing and doing. You improve the more you practice. My number one recommendation to all model builders is to build for yourself, and learn by asking questions and listening to other builders.

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