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All You Were Afraid To Ask But Dying To Know

When and where does the CPMCC meet?

The club meets on the first Saturday of each month at 11AM and the meetings generally last several hours. Most meetings are held in Mt. Wolf‚ PA at the Eagle Fire Company but we occasionally take the meetings "off site’’ to a member’s home or‚ as in the case of our annual picnic‚ to a nearby park area. Changes in meeting locations are posted in advance in the monthly newsletter and elsewhere on this site.

How do I join?

Prospective members are welcome to attend a regular CPMCC meeting as guests and apply right there‚ or you can download and print the membership application and mail it to the address shown at the bottom of the form. If you pay by check‚ please make it payable to Tony Shanko. We look forward to meeting you!!

Who can join?

Anybody with an interest in scale model cars is welcome‚ even folks who haven’t built a kit in years. Our membership is made up model enthusiasts of all ages‚ skill levels and building interests. Whether you like hot rods‚ classics‚ light commercial‚ customs‚ competition vehicles‚ exotics‚ muscle cars‚ large or small scale‚ you will have something in common with other CPMCC members.

Do CPMCC members pay dues?

A moderate annual donation ($20 for adults‚ $10 for juniors) helps cover the cost of the meeting hall‚ club expenses and special events such as our picnic‚ pizza party and banquet through the course of the year.

What about younger modelers?

Building models with your children is a great way to involve them in a creative hobby that you can enjoy together. Junior modelers (under 16) are the future of the hobby and they are most certainly welcome as CPMCC members.

What happens at the monthly meetings?

Meetings begin with a brief discussion of club business and the attendees are given the opportunity to make announcements or raise issues of interest to the club. We then hold our raffle and cast our ballots for the month’s contest. Aside from the members who bring older and current kits and built-ups of their own for sale‚ Ron Bradley of Bradley’s Model Car Collectibles brings a van full of kits for sale at great prices. It’s a wonderful opportunity to spend an afternoon with fellow enthusiasts to discuss models‚ building tricks and techniques‚ and just about anything to do with scale models.

Does the CPMCC have a newsletter?

Classic Plastic© is published monthly‚ and recaps the prior month’s meeting results‚ as well as featuring reference photos‚ show coverage‚ kit reviews‚ editorials‚ and promotional information about upcoming calendar items. Members in good standing are encouraged to have the newsletter e-mailed to them so they can enjoy it in full color. The file is sent in an easy to open .pdf format‚ and generally ends up about 18 pages and a file size of just around 3MB.

What if I miss one‚ or several meetings?

One of the benefits of membership is a monthly newsletter that recaps meeting topics‚ provides information on upcoming events and includes the occasional special feature. In order to try to control the cost of publishing the newsletter‚ members are encouraged to receive it via e-mail. The file is sent as a .pdf and will come to you in full color. We will gladly mail a paper copy if necessary‚ but it will be a black & white version.

Can I submit articles to the club newsletter?

Member submissions are greatly appreciated and strongly encouraged. If you have something of interest you want have considered for inclusion‚ please contact the club officers or newsletter staff. The staff reserves the right to edit (typos‚ grammar‚ punctuation‚ etc.) and condense submissions as necessary. Time-sensitive articles such those about upcoming events should ideally be provided at least 2 months prior to the event.

Do you hold contests or shows?

In addition to the monthly meeting contests and themes‚ CPMCC members often participate in a variety of different events sponsored by other model clubs‚ hobby shops‚ or in conjunction with 1:1 car shows throughout the year. Highlights include an annual Memorial contest in which we built and enter examples of the types of models loved most by several members who have passed away, and the Super September Showdown. This special end-of-summer event features a large vendor area and draws several hundred entries of all types. See the Special Events page for details and forms.

What’s a club "theme"?

These are club contests centered around a specific type of model. They encourage members to try their hands at a variety of different subjects they might not otherwise try.

As a club member‚ am I expected to enter all the contests?

We certainly encourage participation‚ but the idea is to build as much or as little as you find enjoyable.

How do I contact the club?

The club officers’ e-mail addresses are listed on the "Club Officers" page. You can also contact Larry Landis (717.845.4917 or‚ or Tony Shanko by snail mail‚ or by phone at the number listed at the bottom of the membership application. If you just have a general question, submit it to

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