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CPMCC Membership Application

Prospective members are cordially invited to attend a meeting as our guest to see if they would like to join. Modelers of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds are openly welcome. The Central Pennsylvania Model Car Club does not discriminate on any basis against any group with the possible exception of mean-spirited people, who need not bother applying. We are a family-oriented organization.

If you are interested in joining the central Pennsylvania Model Car Club, simply fill out the application and forward it to one of the addressees at the bottom of the form. We'd love to have you!

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM This is in pdf format and can't be filled out on line. Just print it off and bring it to a meeting. Please write clearly; our eyes are not what they used to be and we'd like to get your information recorded accurately.

Editable Membership Form In Excel You'll need to have Excel on your computer. Type your info in all the applicable entry fields, then either print it and mail it with your payment, or e-mail it and bring your payment to the next meeting.

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