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About Memorials

The Central Pennsylvania Model Car Club has been blessed with membership representing all that is good about our hobby. With that blessing also comes the inevitable loss of some of those members as time passes and our club mates are called home. It is never the right time to lose a friend, and each of these former members were exactly that. In tribute to the gift of their acquaintance and their love of the hobby, we honor their memory by building scale replicas of the vehicles they loved best.

Starting with 2007, all Memorials were recognized at our annual March Banquet rather than during various monthly meetings through the course of the year. Since this meeting generally has the best turnout, it seemed appropriate to celebrate them with the most members present.

The CPMCC Memorial Tribute Honorees and 2012 winners are:

John "Pee Wee" Kester - Race Cars of Any Kind

  1. Jack Bouman - Jungle Jim F/C
  2. Mike Wass - Chevy Truck / Race car combo
  3. Chris Coller - #12 NASCAR

Joel Chevery - 1958-1972 Drag Cars

  1. Ron Crowl - Willys Gasser
  2. Ron Crowl - '29 Sedan
  3. Mike Forrester - '57 Chevy

Gary Burkey - Street Rods

  1. Terry Adams - '34 Ford Pick-up
  2. Terry Myers - '48 Chevy
  3. Marcos Cruz - '32 Sedan

Buddy J - Customs & Lead Sleds

  1. Marcos Cruz - Thunderbird
  2. Marcos Cruz - Ford Victoria
  3. Mike Forrester - '62 Bel Air

Kevin Deems - 1962-1972 Muscle Cars

  1. Mike Hemp - '67 GTO
  2. Mike Forrester - '66 Impala
  3. Marcos Cruz - '67 Impala

Rick Lauer - 1950's Vintage Stock Cars

  1. Larry Miller - '32 Ford #1
  2. Terry Myers - '41 Plymouth #12
  3. George Johnson - '41 Plymouth #0

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